Producer Clement & diva Knowless gets engagedProducer Clement & diva Knowless gets engaged
English, News - May 27, 2016

After many years of denying being in a relationship with producer Clement, diva Knowless shocked the entire country by confirming that she is engaged to Clement Ishimwe. This came after her manager Clement Ishimwe called a secret meeting with close friends and proposed Knoeless to be his wife which she accepted without hesitation. “It’s true, [...]

m_1Barifuza ko amasaha ya Guma Guma yakwigizwa imbere
Kinyarwanda - May 24, 2016

Abafana b’abahanzi batandukanye bari muri Guma Guma bifuza ko amasaha iberaho yakwigizwa imbere kuko bibagora gusubira aho bavuye. Abataha kure bo bifuza ko amasaha yakwigizwa imbere kugira ngo bajye babasha kugera iwabo kare Ni nyuma ya Show ya kabiri ku bahanzi bari guhatanira irushanwa rya Primus Guma Guma ku nshuro ya 6 yabereye mu Karere [...]

Singer Priscilla“Yes I am not seeing someone” reveals star singer
English - May 24, 2016

Romours have been circulating on social media platforms claiming that musician Princess Priscilla is in love with fellow singer The Ben which has compelled her to reveal her relationship status as single. The song bird cleared the air on Saturday in an exclusive interview with KT Radio’s entertainment show dubbed KT Idols. “Let me clear this, am [...]

1The Ben in talks with Rwandan Embassy in US to push HeForShe campaign
English - May 23, 2016

R&B singer The Ben alias Benjamin Gisa Mugisha gear up to push UN program dubbed HeForShe a solidarity campaign for gender equality. The Only you hit maker revealed that he is in talks with Rwandan high commission in US to see how he can help spread the campaign through music. “I heard about the campaign [...]

TPF is a curse- GabiroTPF is a curse- Gabiro
English, News - May 21, 2016

Ex-Tusker Project Fame participant and singer Gabiro blame the Academy for cursing winners musically because no one is sounding on music scene in their respective countries. The Ka Ka dance hit maker disclosed the information to KT Radio’s entertainment show dubbed Kt idols. “Look around and see if there’s any winner from TPF who is [...]

Emcee Anita: I am looking for someone to loveEmcee Anita: I am looking for someone to love
English, News - May 21, 2016

Let the truth be said we are all looking to fall deliriously into the tranquil sea of love, right? With vast hearts open wide, we dutifully search for that one person who attains the fierce ability to knock the broken wind out of us and breathe new life into our tired, painfully strained limbs. Female [...]

Auddy Kelly admits having a thing for JodyAuddy Kelly admits having a thing for Jody
English, News - May 21, 2016

R&B singer Auddy Kelly admits he would have dated singer Jody because she got all he looks for from a lady to date. The Sinzagutererana hit maker disclosed the information live on air while appearing at KT Radio’s entertainment show dubbed KT Idols. “Jody she got all what I need from a good lady to [...]

The ben, Kayiranga duo is outThe ben, Kayiranga duo is out
English, News - May 13, 2016

R&B singer The Ben alias Mugisha finally released his single ‘Only You’ featuring legendary music star Ben Kayiranga. “I much respect Ben Kayiranga as my brother and a legend musically, so working with him is a dream come true,” says The Ben Last year when the Ben performed in Brussels, Kayiranga travelled to meet him [...]


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