Queen ChaQueen Cha: Truth is, there are exes you will never forget
English, News - November 26, 2015

As if by survival instinct, we tend to categorize past lovers and flames as mistakes, passionate flaws, and delusions, for a case of Queen Cha most his former boyfriend Dj Cox still occupies a dusty corner of her mind. She admits that she has shelved any memories or thoughts. “There are so many things that [...]

Allion: ‘I Don’t Do Drugs’Allion: ‘I Don’t Do Drugs’
Celeb, English - November 26, 2015

For a long time tabloids claimed that Pole Pole singer might be using drugs to get confidence while performing. “Let me make it clear to you, I don’t do drugs” says Allion. But her behavior on stage makes it seem otherwise. “It’s absurd to think that because some famous rock stars are drug addicts that [...]

Tom Close nails it again in new videoTom Close nails it again in new video
English, News - November 25, 2015

Local RnB music genius Tom Close releases fresh and quality video of his new single Uramutse Wemeye which is a hit across the country. The video has already spread like a wild fire on very many social media and it has attracted very many shares as well as accounting more than 3,475 viewership on youtube [...]

Urban Boyz, Patroranking collabo coming soonUrban Boyz, Patroranking collabo coming soon
English, News - November 25, 2015

In their quest to conquer international music arena, Urban Boyz is negotiating a collabo with Nigeria’s bestselling artiste Patroranking. “I am in Nigeria negotiating a collabo with Patroranking management team and we hope for the best,” says Richard. However, he promised to give more details about the deal when everything is ready between both sides. [...]

Koshenz coming to KigaliKoshenz coming to Kigali
Celeb, English - November 24, 2015

Jamaican dance hall star Koshenz is set to rock Kigali come January 1, 2016 in a renowned East African Party. According to EAP management team, the Gal bubble hit maker will jet in the country on 31st December for meet and greet with fans as well as staging a big concert on New Year’s Day. [...]

m_Singer Safi booed at Sun City barSinger Safi booed at Sun City bar
English, News - November 23, 2015

Urban Boy’s lead singer Safi Niyibikora lost his temper on Saturday night at Sun City bar when fans mocked and booed him on stage. The incident occurred when Burundian singer Farious asked Safi to join him on stage to say hello to funs as a local celeb but fans got mad and threw lots of [...]

1Alex Muhangi to ‘crack ribs’ in Kigali
French, News - November 19, 2015

Uganda’s celebrated comedian Alex Muhangi is among the foreign comedians to light up Kigali come November 28at Kigali Serena hotel. Alex Muhangi and Chipukeezy will grace comedy jam organized by local comedian Arthur Nkusi alongside comedy Knights crew. Master Records and crackers comedy group boss confirmed his show in Kigali through a social media video [...]

m_3Nyamasheke: Imyiteguro ya Kinyaga award irarimbanyije
Kinyarwanda, Shows - November 18, 2015

Irushanwa rikomeye rihuza abahanzi bo mu karere ka Nyamasheke na Rusizi, “Kinyaga award”,ribura icyumweru kimwe ngo ritangire imyiteguro irarimbanyije. Kinyaga award igiye gukorwa ku nshuro yayo ya kabiri, ikaba iteganyijwe ko izatangira ku itariki ya 21 Ugushyingo 2015, ikazasozwa ku itariki ya 19 Ukuboza 2015. Abahanzi bazitabira iri rushanwa bamaze gutoranywa uko ari 10, abahanzi [...]


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