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Two 4real ousts a new song
English, News - September 17, 2014

Afro beat duo Two 4real dropped another single dubbed Umbona Ute featuring upcoming pop star Teta Diana. The new song ‘Umbona Ute’ is a mixture of dancehall and Afro beat. “Teta is a talented young artist and we collaborated with her on this new song to give our fans good music with great vocals,” Deejay [...]

New girl band: Charly& NinaCharly & Nina releases new song
Celeb, English - September 17, 2014

Upcoming girl band Nina and Charly has teamed up with Afro beat singer Social Mula on the new club song dubbed ‘Turambarana”. While launching the new song live on KT Radio 96.7, Charly explained why they teamed up with Social Mula. “Mula is a good vocalist and we chose him because his vocals easily matched [...]

m_DiplomateDiplomate ntatewe ubwoba n’abandi baraperi kandi yumva azatwara Primus Guma Guma Super Star
Celeb - September 17, 2014

Umuraperi Diplomate nyuma yo kugaruka mu muziki agasanga abaraperi bagenzi be baramusize, ngo ntibimuteye ubwoba kandi yizeye kuzatwara Primus Guma Guma Super Star. Uyu muraperi wari warigaruriye imitima y’abakunzi ba muzika hano mu Rwanda by’umwihariko abakunzi ba Hip Hop nyuma agahagarika umuziki, mu kugaruka yasanze abo yarushaga gukundwa cyane baramusize haba mu bikorwa haba no [...]

Singer Nason releases new songSinger Nason releases new song
Celeb, English - September 16, 2014

Local RnB artiste Nason Nshimiyimana released a new single dubbed “Agacupa” after long time missing on music scene. The new song Agacupa speaks of bad effects of consumption of alcohol especially in youths.  “The message in the song warns youths from dangers of alcohol consumption and encourages them to do something vital that won’t thwart [...]

m_Social Mula plans his return on the music sceneSocial Mula plans his return on the music scene
Celeb, English - September 15, 2014

 It has been confirmed that Afro beat singer Social Mula is taking his first step to return to the music scene! This website has it that the singer is working on new songs and also wrapping up his studies at Mudende University. “I am still battling with studies, that’s why I am not active on [...]

m_King James to perform at Rwanda DayKing James to perform at Rwanda Day
English, News - September 15, 2014

RnB singer King James is set to thrill Rwandans in diaspora and friends of Rwanda on September 19-20 in Atlanta, Georgia. The Yantumye hit maker was listed among other musicians including Teeta and Masamba Intore to grace Rwanda Day in USA. While speaking to Rwandashow.com, singer King James said that he is ready to perform [...]

m_Dream Boys dedicate new song to their fansDream Boys dedicate new song to their fans
English, News - September 15, 2014

Local music crew Dream Boyz have recorded a new song ”Warakoze” literally meaning thank you and dedicated it to their music fans “Indatwa” across the country. The new song comes after the Dream Boyz scooped a second position in the recent concluded Guma Guma competition. “We are thanking all our fans for supporting us for [...]

Singer Bruce MelodyGod answered my prayers – Bruce Melody
Celeb, English - September 11, 2014

After scooping third place in Guma Guma competition for the first time in the competition singer Bruce Melody thanked the creator for answering his wishes. The ‘Music’ hit maker struggled for 9 years and only managed to taste the lime light in two years as a recognized musician. According to the ‘Uzandabure’ singer, all those [...]


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