The loud, blaring music that emanates from most bars and restaurants in Kigali city on weekends gives an idea of the night activities that most Kigali residents, especially the youth, wallow in. From live bands commonly known as Igisope, to pop music that engulf the city from Fridays to Sundays, almost everyone is guaranteed a place to pass a weekend in the most of jovial moods. ALMOST EVERYONE. But that is about to change completely.

Gospel lovers dance to the tune

Gospel lovers dance to the tune

The idea of playing gospel music in posh restaurants that usually serve alcoholic drinks may sound laughable, but contact restaurant is doing exactly that. Working on an otherwise preposterous idea, turning it around and making it workable for a people that didn’t have that opportunity before -the opportunity to spend out a few hours out at night, enjoy music and socialize in total sobriety.

Every Friday night starting from 7pm, the restaurant, located at Kigali City Tower plans to organize shows known as gospel night, where lovers of gospel music will get to hang out with their favorite stars and get to hear some of the newest songs that are hitting gospel charts. And more importantly, during the concerts, there is a strict no-serving-alcoholic-drinks rule.






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