JAY POLLY CROSSEDSome people can’t dazzle you with their smarts but they will always stun you with their unintelligent antics. Jay Polly, one of the best local rappers undoubtedly, stunned the entertainment fraternity in a recent interview with a local FM station, when he directly launched a scathing attack on the media, heaping all sorts of abuse on them. For once, what was surprising was not the kind of words he used, but rather the fact that they came from such an unlikely source.


In what he thought was a rip back at the media for allegedly reporting about his purported incarceration in Kenya, the rapper went on to name a few names of the so called “Small journalists” and other disparaging remarks directly aimed at the media in general. But such is the hype and drama that always accompanies showbiz the world over, and with such words coming out of the mouth of such a celebrity, it is hardly unsurprising that they won’t be easily forgotten. Or maybe even forgiven. Protocol dictates that if you can’t carry a big name on your shoulders, then you should stop vying for high positions in society. Utterances such as those by Jay Polly and the status he carries can never be seen as a mere misdemeanor, but rather as an insult and an unforgivable felony.


And I always thought it is forbidden to bite the hand that feeds you! Having lived solely on music and his celebrity status, Jay Polly quickly rose through the ranks to become one of the highest paid entertainers in the country. He signed a lucrative deal with MTN worth tens of millions, thanks to his popularity that he largely owes to the radio stations that constantly play his music. But as the saying goes, “No good deed goes unpunished.” In a rather subversive gesture, the rapper turned back at the same people that promoted and uplifted him to a level that even him self didn’t think he would ever achieve.


Now Jay Polly will find it difficult to turn back the hands of time. Should he apologize? Should he just live on and pretend nothing happened and hope that it will soon be forgotten? Whatever the case, he needs to do something – quickly – before things get out of hand. He needs to make a quick decision to counter the bad mood that has engulfed his popularity and a wave of uncertainty that surrounds his contract with MTN. To be realistic no radio station would want to play music of a musician who sees them as “useless!” The fewer the number of times the songs are played, the more the chances of the waning popularity, hence the revocation of the contracts. But as the whole showbiz eagerly awaits his reaction and as the time ticks, primordial instincts should dictate to him that the worst decision you can make is no decision at all.






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