Rwanda | Jay Polly (right). Photo/Archive

Jay Polly (right). Photo/Archive

Rapper Jay Polly has refused to comment on reports that he had convened a press conference to address journalists over a recent rift with the press. Jay Polly who had seethed at two prominent journalists in the country was quoted as saying that he would call a press conference and make an official apology, but that has yet to come to fruition. Earlier this month, the rapper made headlines when he said that the media in Rwanda is highly inexperienced and questioned the credibility of the learning institutions that had conferred on the journalists.


It is not clear whether the rapper will still go ahead and call the press conference amid growing speculations that different local FM stations have decided to freeze his music from playing on air. A close source to Jay Polly told that the press conference would still go ahead, but refused to indicate the exact date and venue. The source said, “He had planned to call the press conference on Tuesday but he was busy with some other pressing issues so he postponed it.”


Media attention has turned on the saga surrounding Jay Polly and as events continue to unfold regarding his recent rant, speculation has been increasing likewise regarding his contract future with mobile telecommunication network MTN.


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