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Mrs. Katese

Mrs. Odile Katese has called on the Ministry of Culture and Sports to pump more money and effort to help Rwandan artistes as they are struggling to make it. Speaking at a brainstorm debate dubbed “A Cultural Vision 2020?” the young cultural entrepreneur challenged the representative of the Ministry Dr. James Vuningoma to explain why the government had not come to the help of the young, talented artistes who are scattered all over the country.

She said, “I don’t know what goes in behind the offices, but it’s hard to understand,” said Katese who is also the director of Rwandan Professional Dreamers. Mrs. Katese talked of the frustration that she encountered during and after setting up the group, saying that the ministry’s aid she got was cancelled out by the money she had spent on transport and other expenses. “I got one million from the ministry after spending another one million to get it!” she cried.

But despite the milestone she climbed, Katese said she never gave up until she approached Goethe Institute and got the deserved help and aid. But Dr. James Vuningoma, was quick to refute those claims saying the government has all the proper channels to assist Rwandan artistes. He said, “Our primary responsibility is to help Rwandan culture and there is a cultural place in our vision 2020. We have planned to build a national theatre which will see artistes and the youth use to the maximum.”

“In Europe people leave their work places and go to movies or theatres, but in Rwanda, we don’t have such places. Sometimes I pity these Europeans living here.”




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