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HABINEZA Jean Claude a.k.a Mr. Mento, is a song writer and singer who has been in showbiz industry for over ten year and has written and composed over 60 songs up to date. The 30-year old, who has been living in Uganda, says he wants to revive his music after going suddenly quiet inexplicably. Speaking to, he said that he started singing when he was as young as ten years old and that singing is a passion that flows inside him.


“The first song I composed was called MEA CULPA, which means It was my Fault. But the first song I took to studio was Dukundane, which I collaborated with Ntampaka Jean at Aron Niyitunga’s studio,” he said. Jean Ntampaka is another talented musician who forged a formidable partnership with Mr. Mento to form a group known as Estamento whose music enjoyed a lot of airplay on FM radio stations in mid 2000’s. Their song entitled Kivu Love became a hit and remained long standing on local charts.



But the group was disbanded after the two parted ways, with Mr. Mento now operating in Uganda. But in spite of the shortcomings, he says he wants to revive his music career. “So far I have three albums on my name. The first one was called 2Try, the second one was entitled Amahirwe while the third one is Kana k’Iwacu.”


The musician says that he had planned to do the launch of his album, which was to feature Jose Chameleone of Uganda, but was arrested and jailed on accusation of fraud charges, a factor that hindered the launch.  The last time he was in Rwanda was 18th August 2012. He said, “The last time I was in Rwanda I was surprised because music has really improved. It’s a good sign that the country is quickly progressing in all fields.”


Among his future plans, Mr. Mento says that he’s writing a book in Luganda entitled “Ekitangaala Nzikiza” which means “The Light of Darkness.” He says the book shall contain his own compositions. His gift in speaking numerous languages is amazing, as he is fluent in five languages that include Kinyarwanda, French, English, Swahili, Luganda and notions in German and Spanish.





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