Rwanda : Music Celeb Tete Roca warns Local gigz organizer

Rwanda | Music Celeb  Tete RocaLocal concert organizer Mr. One has been warned by underground singer Tete Roca over using her picture on concert posters to con people’s money.

This comes as the female upcoming singer Roca stormed one of the local showbiz tabloids offices and warned Mr. One to playing around with her fans using her image.

“I always find it hard for my fans to be conned by someone that I will perform in some bars while not knowing anything and this real tarnishes my image as a musician” said Tete Roca.

She added that I have never agreed anything with Mr. One that I will perform on Sunday at Top Chef but my picture is posted around billboards.

After falling apart with Sky hotel management, Mr. One started cutting deals with bar owners to bring musicians in various hotspots to earn a living.

Rwanda show reporter rushed to ask the alleged Local event organizer, who simply blasted the allegations that even some underground artists like Tete Roca beg to appear on the billboards.

“I personally asked her whether she would be having time on Sunday to appear on stage and she agreed without hesitating, now am surprised to hear such allegations” says Mr. One

Singer Tete Roca is an upcoming musician and a student of Journalism and communication at the National University of Rwanda.

The singer shot to fame last year when she posted her nude photo on her face book page claiming that she’s in love with international dancehall star Sean Paul.


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