Rwanda : Rapper Jay Polly cries for mercy over insulting Language

Rapper Jay PollyLocal rapper Jay Polly aka Joshua begs for mercy after being threatened by showbiz journalists over his vulgar words he used recently.

The rapper had arranged to have press conference but postponed it and resorted to asking forgiveness to journalists one by one.

This was witnessed recently when artists meet to organize for AGDF tour but soon after finishing the meeting, Jay Polly took a side any journalist he could come across to bail him out.

“My profession can’t exist without the support of media and I have realized my mistakes, am also planning to ask forgiveness officially soon” said troubled Jay Polly.

He added that I over reacted but no friendship without such inconveniences and everything will be calm because I don’t want to lose media support.

According to the journalists, it is estimated that Jay Polly is playing undercover such that by the time he seeks forgiveness publically, journalists will have already calm down.

The rapper was picked down on the streets of Nyimirambo and promoted by showbiz fraternity which is now disciplining him for misusing the trust.

Jay Polly boosts songs like Umupfumu uzwi, Ndacyariho Ndahumeka and he is one of the favorite rappers in the country with true taste of hip hop.





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