Rwanda : Skizzy, Pioneer and founder of Talent Search

Skizzy, Pioneer and founder of Talent Search

As Dundastar Talent Search enters its third week this weekend, many are predicting a larger turnout than in its previous sessions. The show kicked off on a relatively low note but slowly the public is appreciating it. Famous Ugandan musician Washington is among the panel of judges that not only award marks to the participants but also give their observations and comments.

But just around the corner, another almost similar show is about to debut. Dubbed Talent Search, the competition was pioneered by local musician Skizzy of the KGB group and has been around since 2009. And followers of Talent Search have complained that organizers of Dundastar Talent Search stole the idea of Skizzy to make a show that would be more explosive than Talent Search.

One journalist said, “Definitely you can see that it was an idea stolen from Skizzy. There’s no doubt about it. Maybe Skizzy himself stole it from outside but Dundastar have robbed him of his originality.” Rwanda Development Board issues a copyright licence but only after one’s product has only been outside to the public. That includes music, movies or television shows. Nothing has been said of any legal battle involved between Marc Gwamaka, the PR of Dundastar Talent Search and Skizzy, but clearly there is going to be likely brawl when Talent Search kicks off in December.


Rwanda : Marc Gwamaka, PR Dundastar Talent Search

Marc Gwamaka, PR Dundastar Talent Search

Skizzy has already had an upper hand with the musician having organized three competitions already and boasting of a relatively large following, but with Gwamaka having introduced an academy to the show alongside dancing competition, his influence on the public cannot be taken lightly either.



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