Rwanda : New movie producer on the block, Jado Kabandana

New movie producer on the block

He is the mind behind the new Rwandan made love movie Anita that is already on the market.

Producer Jado Kabandana revealed challenges and the way forward to boost Rwandan movie industry.

Jado Kabandana has been in the movie industry for so long but acting as a technician and director of popular movies like Icyigeragezo ky’ Ubuzima behind the cameras.

According to the movie producer Jado, a lot has to be done to improve Rwandan movie industry and more efforts should be put in promoting local movies.

“As a young producer, am facing a lot of challenges including sponsorship, marketing my movies, directing them alone because I cannot afford a big crew to support me” said producer Jado Kabandana.

He added that when a producer has a lot of responsibilities to do, sometimes it affects his work which leads to producing poor quality product.

Anita is the first movie that Jado Kabandana has produced solely and catered everything for the movie which was recently launched.

The movie cost him almost 14 M Rwf without any support from private sector or big companies, which is one of the problems hindering cinema industry in Rwanda.

The producer urged for the government through Rwanda Television to promote their movies by showing them on TV like what other Nigerian or Kenyan TVs do to promote their home made films.



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