V-Lounge Bar and Restaurant co-boss Mrs. Kayihura says that the introduction of a new concert show is set to increase the marketability of the hangout joint as well as promote young talent in the country. The bar has introduced a new show that debuted on Friday the 23rd November, which will see musicians come to perform live instead of the traditional playbacks that fans are habituated to.

Despite the relatively lower turnout compared to the expected numbers, Mrs. Kayihura feels that it was the first show and that fans would get used to them and that they will come to enjoy them more in due time.

She said, “This is only the first concert we have organized and there will be more to follow. We have learnt a lot tonight and those lessons will be used to improve on the upcoming concerts. When you have a new product in the market you have to let the consumers know about it and you have to make it known as well. That is exactly what we are doing.”

It is expected that next Friday a host of other musicians will grace the event. Entrance fee is always 1,000 Rwf for adults and 500 Rwf for students.





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