Rwandan stars to perform in Kenya

Local musicians will stage a concert dubbed Rwandan Cultural Party, in Kenya. The concert will take place on 15th Dec this year, at Pangin shopping center.

The cultural party concert is aimed at exposing Rwandan music across the region, according to organizer and promoter of Bridge Records label Jack Ross.

“This initiative that Bridge Records label has started is to promote Rwandan music internationally starting with East African region, and our vision is to expose local music across the globe” said promoter Jack Ross

According to the organizers the list of local artists to perform include Urban Boyz, Christian Rwiragira former participant of TPF, second runner up TPF 4 Jackson Kalimba and other dancing groups from Rwanda and Kenya.

However, this party also will be in line with celebrating FPR 25th anniversary to Rwandese leaving in Kenya as the national event will be held on the same day at national stadium Amahoro.

Rwandan cultural party is sponsors include Rwandaair, Citizen TV, Ghetto radio, Bridge records and Nation TV.

Christian Rwirangira and Belgine both will participate as newly signed artists by Bridge Records label based in Kigali.

Rwandan cultural party entrance fee will be 300 shillings for ordinary seats and 1000 shillings for VIP seats at Pangin shopping center.


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