Chameleon & AK47 rock Kigali

Chameleon & AK47

Chameleon & AK47

Ugandan music mogul Jose Chameleon and his young brother AK47 arrived on Wednesday night and performed Thursday night at Amohoro stadium alongside P-square.

The Leon Island boss was flanked by his brother and dashed out from the airport lounge while singing Valu Valu for the waiting crowd at Kigali International Airport.

Chameleon exchanged few words of knowledge with upon arriving on Rwandan soil.

“I have this feeling in me that am a true Munyarwanda and every time I get the deal to come here, it’s like coming home because my career started from Rwanda” said singer Chameleon.

Valu Valu star will be performing tonight as Rwandese celebrates 25yrs achievements made by Rwanda Patriotic Front party.

His young brother AK47 is also known for his success in music industry and he owns a recording studio dubbed Monster studio.






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