After successfully staging an event that was dubbed “Kigali Fashion Week”, organizers of the three-day event are still reveling in its success despite the short time they had for adequate preparation. Kigali Fashion Week was organized by Kigali House of Fashion that was made up of different fashion houses in Rwanda. Patrick Muhire is the owner of Inkanda house and one of the members of Kigali House of Fashion. He described the whole experience of Kigali Fashion Week as a success and added that upcoming similar events will be more successful.

“For me it was successful. As you know we did not have enough time to prepare adequately but nonetheless what we staged showed us how we will handle future spectacles. At first it seemed quite impossible but we have seen that even the steepest of mountains can be climbed,” Patrick said.

He also said that the fact Kigali Fashion Week was organized in a hurry was because the idea was conceived in November, and hence they could not wait until next year to stage it. That however did not go without any hindrances as Patrick continues to rue lack of sponsors, lack of models and designers as some of the problems they encountered.

Mr. John Bunyeshuli (right) was part of Kigali House of Fashion

He said, “At times we felt like giving up because we were running out of time and still we hadn’t got enough designers from Europe to participate in the event because it’s a high season there. Also, sponsors were not stepping up, so it was disappointing. However, he was quick to draw some positives saying that Rwandese designers have mastered the art of fashion and that what is even more interesting is the fact they are doing it when they are young.

The event will be staged again between June and July next year according to Patrick, when a host of designers especially from Europe are readily available.


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