Rwanda : P-square overwhelmed by Kigali spectacular turnout

P-square overwhelmed by Kigali spectacular

Paul Okoye working the crowd at Amahoro stadium

 Nigerian born singers Peter & Paul Okoye aka P-square were left in awe by the way Rwandese turned out for their concert.

The duo jetted in on Thursday night from Nigeria where they were invited by FPR party to grace the 25 anniversary on December 14.

By 5pm, a huge crowd of people had already started entering the Amahoro stadium through maximum security from both police and presidential guards.

P-square dashed to the stage at exactly 10:30 after the president accompanied by first lady joined the mass in the stadium alongside other high profile officials.

The brothers, donning a silver attire comprised of lose trousers stormed the stage while singing I love u followed by Do me and Alingo that made the crowd jump and dance in excitement.

While speaking to after performing, the duo revealed that people’s turn-out was great and shocked them at some point.

“Hey, we are entertainers but Kigali people shocked us by the way they turned out and the way they sung our songs along with us on stage left us in amazement” said the happy Peter Okoye.

P-square overwhelmed by Kigali spectacular2

The duo on Saturday twitted on their pages, saying: “We have reached safely in Nigeria but Kigali people are the best for concerts.”

President Paul Kagame and other officials danced to Alingo song while the crowd cheered while celebrating 25yrs of FPR’s achievements.

The concert was curtain raised by Knowles, Christopher and rapper Jay Polly and later closed by Chameleon with his brother AK47.



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