After launching the fourth edition of Talentum Talent detection, Skizzy of the KGB singing crew has taken the show to Southern Province in Huye for young aspiring musicians to impress the judges. After successfully launching the first shows here in Kigali, now organizers of Talentum are going round the country detecting young singing talent with an aim of nurturing them.

Skizzy said, “As you know we have done this before, but our previous shows were exclusively staged in Kigali, but as the event grows bigger and bigger we have to grow with it.” Skizzy was speaking at Gikondo, after seeing a total of more than 30 participants passing before a three-judge bench with only four remaining and waiting to compete with their counterparts from other parts of the country.

First quorum of winners in Kigali

Talentum was started in 2009 with the aim of identifying young singing talent and helping them with their music careers. This season’s winner will sign a recording contract with a recognized music house in the country. He/she will also be followed closely by organizers of the event during their entire career, according to Skizzy.


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