Rwanda : Fans question Young Grace’s vulgar song

Questioned  Young Grace

Questioned Young Grace

 Local rapper Younger Grace is being criticized by fans over vulgar language used in her new song Simubure.

Young Grace fans filled with comments after the song was posted on the site.

“Know who you are and your target audience, Rwandans would never take such nonsense that doesn’t add a thing to them, for a song,” posted Leila, a fan.

Though the song featured many artists like the Urban Boyz, Amag the Black and Riderman, Young Grace’s part was criticized for having heavy vulgar words.

Meanwhile, Grace has always been a darling to the Rwandans, because of her innocence and young age; she is only 20 years old.

Young Grace’s part of the song is said to have vulgar words that suggest sex.

Meanwhile, in 2012, Minister of Sports and Culture  appealed to artists to opt for constructive music other than vulgar meaningless songs that devalue the Rwandan culture.


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