Baingana saves Amagi the black from shame

Local rapper Amagi the black got stuck and stood in vain like a statue on stage in front of his fans over 15 minutes waiting for Dj Bisoso to play his music until David Baingana saved him.

The incident happened on Friday 15th at Mico Prosper’s album launch at where the rapper had come to support the Umutaka singer.

MC Kate and Tino ushered Amagi the black on stage ready to sing for his fans and asked Dj Bisoso to play music but he was nowhere to be seen for more than 15 minutes.

This prompted the rapper to struggle over his voice to impress the thousands of spectators without any CD playing causing him to sweat like a marathon athlete.

While speaking to, rapper Amagi the black revealed that he was shocked and couldn’t believe what was going on.

“At first I thought it was planned like a Dj will come as a surprise but I sensed a problem and went in shock for some minutes” says Amagi.

He added that I don’t know if it was staged but I managed to rap for my fans until Baingana rescued me yet he wasn’t the disc joker.

This raised a concern between music fans and Dj Bisoso who was hired to deejay at the launch, whether the incident was planned to shame the rapper.

However, Dj Bisoso claimed to have nothing to do with Amagi because he was not aware that the rapper was on stage.

“I was busy discussing business with Jay Polly, so nothing like personal with Amagi the black as people might think” says Dj Bisoso




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