We’ve all seen them on stage at one time or all the time and they have caught our eye, more so for the wrong reasons because their stage performances are nothing short of awful. The decorum and choreography that accompanies a musician on stage is something that many have not mastered yet this vital but seemingly trivial detail can cost them whilst in action up there. Some will jump up and down relentlessly to appease the fans, others will dance while others will do nothing altogether. But, who exactly makes it our list of our worst stage performers? Find out here.


Do kids know this stuff? Knowless does the right thing…at the wrong time!

Regardless of her beauty and sex appeal, Knowless does not know a thing about stage performance. While she has upped her dancing skills, she doesn’t know where and when to direct her attention while at it. Swinging her hips here and there is appealing yes, but not to kids, for Christ’s sake!



So, I see he’s leading in votes in the category of best traditional artist in Salax Awards. But that is as far as it goes. Senderi seems to struggle to even match the rhythm of his own songs, and I wonder if he needs a choreographer to teach him the simplest of moves? That said, the afro beat singer can spend a whole five minutes without looking face to face with the crowd or better still turn his back for an equally, if not longer, period of time.



The runaway Kit! Kitoko evades the high table

Try to get a picture of Kitoko on stage and you will be appalled! He is restless on stage, doesn’t have a clue on how to react to the crowds and, mark my words here, if there’s a guest of honor present, Kitoko will do just what Kitoko does best: run away from them to the furthest corner. Flashbacks of how he performed at the conclusion of Kigali Fashion Week last year keep resuscitating and believe me, it was dreadful! While the guests of honor were the Minister for Sports and Culture, Hon. Mitali Protais and Miss France 2000 Sonia Roland, Kitoko did everything possible to melt away from their sight and he succeeded in doing exactly that.



No surprise here really. The third year student at Kigali Independent University has decided to venture into music so late in life that it seems to be having a stinging effect on him. While most musicians will tell you they started their music careers as early as in their teens, Amity just did the opposite and that seems to be the reason perhaps he’s overly shy on stage. He can’t dance, coordinate his moves or know the aura. Watching him perform is as interesting as watching paint dry.

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