AMA G: DO PEOPLE LIKE ME OR URUHINJA? I DON’T KNOW!Ama G The Black has disclosed that he’s in total dilemma over whether people like him or his hit song Uruhinja. The rapper is only the second artist to have scooped more than one award at the Salax Awards after Urban Boyz, but he feels he owes that success largely to his hit song, which has now become like an anthem among hip hop lovers.

“When someone meets me, they always tell me they love Uruhinja. The only confusion I get is whether it’s the real uruhinja (baby) or my actual song they are talking about. I, however, want to thank those whose lives have been changed by my song because it’s the responsibility of artistes to educate and give useful information to the public,” the rapper quipped.

It’s believed Ama G only narrowly missed out on PGGSSIII final 11 contestants, but that was made up just a few days later when he scooped two awards at Salax Awards, Best new artist and Best hip hop. Ama G has also revealed great plans ahead, saying he intends to release more songs and their videos, a clear indication of his thirst to get into the top musical elite in the country. 

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