CLEMENT: DOWRY FOR KNOWLESS WOULD BE TOO EXPENSIVE!Producer Clement has joked that if he wanted to marry Butera Knowless, he would do so at his own peril. Clement who is currently contract bound to Knowless has been rumored to be dating the female star, but he previously denied there’s anything going on apart from their usual professional relationship.

 Speaking to Sunday Night Show on Isango star FM, Clement joked, “If I was to pay the dowry for Knowless, I would close down my music studio because she’s too expensive for me.” Clement however, maintained that the two have never been in an intimate relationship, despite many evidences showing otherwise.

 Again, he heavily defended the female star in regard to a photoshopped picture that did rounds on social website facebook, saying that those who are keen enough could see it was not the diva. “You could see the head was not attached to the rest of the body because whoever did it was an amateur.”

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