Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie in Rwanda

Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie in Rwanda

Angelina Jolie

Hollywood movie star and wife to Brad pitt, Angelina Jolie jetted into Kigali on Sunday night to meet with victims of rape, during the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi.

The information was confirmed by United Kingdom embassy official Mr. Samuel Paice to local showbiz tabloids.

“It’s true Angelina is in Kigali town on humanitarian visit on UN courtesy to meet face to face with people that sustained injuries of rape in 1994 Tutsi genocide,” said Samuel.

Samuel added that it’s wasn’t easy for Jolie to speak to press because she was tired from the trip, but on Tuesday, Angelina Jolie will meet the press.

Angelina Jolie’s visit will continue to DR Congo with his friend William Hague; both UN ambassadors on campaigns against war crimes against civilians.

The Mr&Mrs Smith actress sets foot in Rwanda for the first time.

Rwanda has been visited by various international movie stars in humanitarian projects for example Johnson Scarlet.

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