Ibitenge video out

Urban Boyz with producer Muyoboke

Urban Boyz with producer Muyoboke

R&B group Urban Boyz has released another video for their new song dubbed Ibitege featuring Amagi the black and King James.

The song Ibitege is a remix of King James’s Biracyaza truck that was redone by the super level studio.

While speaking to Rwandashow.com Alex Muyoboke, Urban Boyz manager explained the message conveyed in video.

“The video basically talks about girls that leave their husbands for wealth men. It encourages them to be honest and persistent with their spouses,” said Muyoboke.

He added that the song idea was borrowed from King James’s song Biracyaza meaning that better life is yet to come.

The video scenes features celebrated movie interpreter commonly known as Young Agasobanuye, where he acts as a rich man snatching wife of poor Amagi the black threatening him with a gun.



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