Chatting merrily: King James and Princess Priscilla

Chatting merrily: King James and Princess Priscilla


The two have been spotted together on numerous occasions and in different functions. But despite several tabloids alleging that King James and Princess Priscilla are dating, the two have vehemently denied there’s anything unusual going on. King James, who spoke to after an entertaining night at Serena Hotel on Saturday after the unveiling of the final contestants of Primus Guma Guma Super Star, said that they’re just “normal friends.”


Earlier this year it was reported that both King James and Mani Martin were locking horns over the beauty, with the latter having been spotted with Priscilla posing for pictures. But Martin was also categorical insisting that he would not fight over a girl. At the time Princess Priscilla had just featured in the remix of the video Bagupfusha ubusa, which also features rapper Ama G The Black, Urban Boyz and King James.

Priscilla and Mani Martin

Priscilla and Mani Martin

Just last week, King James and Princess Priscilla were seen at Serena Hotel during the unveiling of PGGSS3 contestants, seated next to one another, chatting and flirting, but despite all the evidence clearly showing there might be something going on, they have both denied the claims.



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