KAMICHI: F*CK ILLUMINATI!Afro beat singer Kamichi has brushed aside any suggestions he might be a member of the Illuminati, a worldwide cult that is believed to harbor many celebrities all over the world. It has been suggested that many attribute their success to the affiliation they have with the group, and now Rwanda has not been spared either. But although there has never been any local celebrity who has ever come forward to claim their allegiance to the group, many have been rumored to be members, including Kamichi.

But speaking to rwandashow.com, Kamichi was irate and exploded when the question as to whether he belongs to the sect was posed to him, saying, “F*ck Illuminati! I have heard all these unfounded rumors that I am one of its members but I am not. Let me repeat this, “F*ck Illuminati!”

Kamichi is one of the eleven contestants of this year’s Primus Guma Guma Super Star and he hopes to make to the final. His inclusion into the list was seen by many as an indication that the former radio presenter was also going to scoop an award in the annual Salax Awards, but he lost the battle to King James, who won the Best Afro beat Award, a category the two had been nominated alongside Mico da Best, Senderi International Hits and Elion Victory.

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