Producer Junior to face court over 300000 debts

Local audio producer Junior Multisystem has been threatened by Bridge records to face court over 300,000 Rwf debts he adamantly refused to pay.

The representative of Bridge Records, Theo vowed to drag Junior to court of laws again in an interview aired on Sunday Night show.

“Junior borrowed 300,000 Rwf in 2011 and promised to refund the money in a short period but he never bothered to pay until we took matters to police” says

He added that last time Muyoboke managed to rescue him from Police custody but this time things will be settled in court if he doesn’t pay in time. tried to contact the alleged producer but his phone was switched off at the time.

Recently the celebrated young producer was rumored to have quitted super level studio but later he blushed the rumors.

Despite the saga, super level manager Alex Muyoboke said that he could pay the debt but since Junior is scarce at work these days, he can’t risk messing up company money.

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