Senderi kneels to pray after nomination

Senderi poses with Legend Masamba Intore

Senderi poses with Legend Masamba Intore

Afrobeat singer Erick Senderi aka International hit knelt down and prayed for Bralirwa fans and journalists who voted him to enter the Guma Guma Awards for the first time.

Senderi was excited about the 500,000 Rwf cheque given to nominees of primus guma guma super star.

While speaking to, Senderi couldn’t believe he is among the nominated stars.

“It’s like being born for the second time, after realizing what was missing in my music, I had to renew my singing style and I can see that people have started appreciating my music especially the journalists,” said Senderi.

Senderi is famous for making songs that supports government programs like sukurumugi, meaning clean the city, mituelle de santé which has earned him a big recognition from both government and the public.



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