Why Our Musicians Are Better Of With Playback

Why Our Musicians Are Better Of With Playback

While all the inevitable whining about the widespread use of playback music in our concerts continues to rumble on, I see nothing to complain about. The standards of our music have hit a record low and that is nothing to argue about. Gone are the days when the likes of Impala would draw thousands and thousands to their live concert, because that has been replaced with Compact Disks and flash drives that can accommodate over a million songs. I vividly remember last year, when Hon. Protais Mitali, Minister for youth and culture, publicly condemned these useful but domestic equipments, saying, “CD’s and flash drives are only supposed to be listened to in our cars and in our homes, not in concerts.”

His remarks were timely and precise. He had just congratulated Mani Martin, who had successfully launched his album entitles Intero y’Amahoro. At the time Martin had shown an extremely finesse in performing live and many days that followed, his name was all over the tabloids. He’s undoubtedly exceptional. But apart from him and King James, I have never seen any other artist that can competently pull a show that can be dubbed as “live”.

Those who went to Butera Knowless’ album launch Uwo Ndiwe will attest to the above statement. The cacophony of sounds that emanated from the stage was a total bother. Knowless doesn’t know how to adjust her vocal chords to suit in a particular song, and her singing is too flat to leave behind any admiration. Things went from bad to worse when she, together with Christopher, MC Tino and TPF season 5 second runner-up Jackson Kalimba, attempted a live remix of her song Sinzakwibagirwa, but it turned out to be completely sour.

But that is not the only sound justification of the fact our musicians are amateur. What mesmerized me even the most is that the audience danced along and went perfectly with the tune as if all was perfectly well! I wouldn’t want to compare Knowless and Mani Martin, but if I was, the differences in their level of music are simply irreconcilable. So, while music experts sit and whine all the time about our musicians being inept, it’s time to look at what we are asking of them. You can’t squeeze milk out of a fly!


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