m_AMA G DENIES BEING CONTRACT BOUND AT THE SUPER LEVELRapper Ama G The Black has clarified that he holds not contract at The Super Level music studio, saying that he only records his songs at the label on a casual basis. Ama G, who has recorded several songs with the studio, was speaking to the press after journalists shot questions at him as to whether he is among the country’s musicians who have signed contracts with the label.

“I can record my songs at any studio I want. But for now I am working with the Super Level, although I am not contract-bound,” he said. “If you work with a studio on more than one occasions, it does not necessarily mean you have signed a contract with them,” he added. Some of the songs by Ama G recorded at the Super Level include Uruhinja and Ibitenge, which features King James and Urban Boyz.

Meanwhile Alex Muyoboke, the label’s manager has moved to clear the air regarding rumors of producers who are continually quitting the studio in search of greener pastures. Muyoboke, who previously denied that producer Junior had left the studio, has now revealed that indeed the latter quit but added that there was no need to panic. “If you have an employee and he/she decided to quit their job, there’s nothing you can do about it. It’s their undisputed right to do so anyway, so we wish him (Junior) good luck.”


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