Changes in TPF VI

Tusker-project-FameEast Africa’s biggest and popular music competition dubbed Tusker Project Fame is yet to come back in six months time with new innovations compared to other editions.

The information was disclosed by Tusker Project Fame long term serving Judge Ian Mbugua to Kenyan Post.

“We have learnt and corrected different mistakes that happened in last five editions and changed them to produce the best vocalist in Africa in 2013,” said Judge Ian.

Ian added that people who will get the chance to participate in this TPF 6th edition will acquire best music skills compared to other participants in last editions.

The organizers of the competition have requested EABL which is the biggest sponsor to sign contract with famous music label to raise the winner to the international scene.

Tusker Project Fame 6th edition nominations will kick off in September this year in all EAC countries.

Rwanda’s Alpha Rwirangira scooped twice the TPF award including Tusker Project Fame all stars trophy.


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