It’s a Man’s World: Katauti’s Marriage In Tatters – Again

It's a Man's World: Katauti’s Marriage In Tatters - Again

Happy times: Katauti Hamad with his wife Oprah

Rwandan footie star Katauti has seen it all. Twice he has abandoned his long-term Tanzanian wife Irene Uwoya, a.k.a Oprah, and twice he has gone back to her. But this time it might be forever. They say enough is enough, but for Katauti it has been more than enough. Maybe that’s the price of marrying a female star, or better still the bitter pill that comes from being on the spotlight more often than not. Oprah is widely celebrated in her native country as one of the best film actresses the country has ever seen. That literally translates into a huge ego that is tremendously difficult to massage.

Again, it’s worth scrutinizing and critically analyzing. Katauti’s marriage was primed to head for doom right from the word go. Rumors had it that Oprah was dating different actors whom she was involved with in her acting career, but Katauti had ignored the pleas even though the heeding signs were right there in front of him. That was the beginning of a traumatizing period for Katauti which would eventually culminate into an eventual breakup of the famed marriage.

It's a Man's World: Katauti’s Marriage In Tatters - Again

Oprah at Serena Hotel Kigali, during Butera Knowless’ album launch on March 8th 2013. Looking in background oblivion is Katauti

Just this week Oprah and famous Tanzanian musician Diamond were spotted leaving a Tanzanian hotel where it was reported the two spent the night. Tanzanian paparazzi who spotted the pair put their photos on the internet and immediately after Katauti found out he fainted. The news was confirmed by Oprah herself who twitted on her tweeter account, “I have no idea what to do now because my husband has finally found out the truth. When he saw the photos he fainted immediately and when he woke up he left for Kigali.”

So far it’s not clear where Katauti is residing in Kigali and efforts by to contact him through the cell phone have been futile.

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