m_KAMICHI RETURNS BEHIND THE MICROPHONEAfro beat singer Kamichi has returned to Voice of Africa, a local FM station, as a radio presenter. The musician who had been operating as a presenter for the show dubbed Star Forum, returns after a two-month spell which saw him part ways with the station, but now the stage is set for a comeback.

Although the circumstances in which he had lost his job were unclear, Kamichi had refuted reports that he had been dismissed by the radio’s administration, insisting his departure was through mutual consent. At the time it was reported his working relationship with the management of the radio had gone sour which led to the breakup of the pair.

It’s not just Kamichi who has tried to combine music and journalism. The likes of Uncle Austin, MC Tino, Skizzy, Ciney and many others, are examples of music celebrities who have given the career of journalism a shot.

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