Kayonza: YCEG say goodbye to holidays in style

Students in Youth Challenge and Entertainment Group (YCEG) in Kayonza District on 20th.April.2013 said goodbye to holidays through entertaining people including their parents and fellow students by dancing and modeling.

Kayonza: YCEG say goodbye to holidays in style

Students modeling

YCEG does projects that develop youth especially through entertainment and is supported by Kayonza Youth Center as Sam Muhozi the group coordinator explains.

People and the youth who attended this function say YCEG brought novelties in Kayonza district especially modeling with new fashions that was unknown to people in this area.

Entering this ceremony was free of charge but people wished that this group could keep on making more ceremony and even ask for entrance fee of which they would willingly give depending on the entertainment they got on the first time.

Usually, the youth in Kayonza district were kind of in confinement in terms of entertainment but things are up for a change with Kayonza Youth Center where youth meet and learn about their reproduction health, get entertainment in music and sports.

All models that participated in modeling are from Kayonza district as Claude Mwiseneza the coordinator of Kayonza Youth Center said. He said this shows that students in this district have talents that they can use in high level competition considering they managed to entertain a hall full of people.

The coordinator of KYC calls upon all the youth in the district to join their fellow youth in YCEG and work together towards their development and avoid the temptations that can take them down the road to drugs and sexual relationships with all their risks.

He also promised unconditional support of KYC to the youth towards their development.

YCEG started in March 2013 and it receives youth from 13 years of age to 35 years. It has a little more than 100 members and it has sub groups including one for unity and reconciliation, the subgroup that fight against HIV/AIDS in the youth and also the one that fights against drug use in youth.

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