Kina Music eyeing Tom Close

Local recording studio Kina Music owned by Clement is rumored to be vying R&B heartthrob Tom Close.

The rumor to sign Baza star was cemented early this year when Tom Close played a vital role on Knowles’s album launch and it is also believed that the singer is regularly seen at Kina Music offices.

While speaking to, Kina Music boss Clement agreed the move and promised to tell the public when he signs Tom.

“It’s true we are planning that but it’s still early, so expect more news about Kina Music and singer Tom Close soon” says Clement.

He added that Tom is a good musician who paved way for many young R&B artists and it will be more important to have him in Kina Music.

Kina Music has raised various established artists like diva Knowles, Kamichi, Dan Nanone and King James.

Rwandashow tried to contact singer Tom Close to comment about the news but he didn’t answer the phone.

According to Kina Music management, it is believed that currently Tom is having different projects going on inside Kina Music.

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