NEG G: I HATE JAY POLLY AND TOM CLOSERapper Neg G has declared his dire abhorrence of both Jay Polly and Tom Close, two of the country’s most popular musicians. The ever controversial musician has never stopped to cause a stir whenever he opens to the media, and his recent remarks will not go unnoticed especially from the victims.

“I just hate them with all my heart. I cannot stand to see them anywhere,” he said. Asked why he has such hatred towards the two, Neg G declined to give a definite answer and instead said that he has had enough of them wherever they are. “I have had enough of Jay Polly, Tom Close…it’s just too much of them everywhere. In fact, for Jay, he deserved to be snubbed at Primus Guma Guma Super Star because he just isn’t up to that level.”

Meanwhile heated debates continue to sprout regarding Jay Polly’s omission at the reality TV show. Deejay Adams, radio presenter at City Radio has come out again to hit out at the scenario in Rwandan showbiz. Adams, who constantly refers to journalists affiliated to showbiz as “empty vessels”, strongly feels that there is no way Jay Polly, who was last season’s finalist, could fail to make it in a list of eleven contestants. The term “empty vessels” was first used by Jay Polly when he was referring to journalists in general.

At the time a leading showbiz website had asserted that the rapper was behind bars in Kenya for trying to fraudulently obtain a visa to go to Europe. According to Deejay Adams, that seemed to be the beginning of a prolonged dispute between him and the media, a factor that greatly cost him the PGGSS nomination.


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