Senderi vows to fight for the ownership of his song

Senderi vows to fight for the ownership of his song Senderi International Hit has declared he will fight tooth and nail to prove he’s the rightful owner of the song Twigirire Icyizere, which is a commemoration song for the victims of 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi. The song’s title which translates to Let’s have hope, is a composition which talks about a brighter future for the Rwandan people in general. But now a battle of ownership has erupted between Senderi and a Southern Province resident only identified as Posiyani.

Posiyani continues to stress that he approached Senderi so that the two could work on the song, but the former took credit for it as a whole. “I wrote the whole song basically but it saddens me that he’s the one who is taking all the credit for it,” Posiyani says.

But a furious Senderi has responded to the allegations and said he regrets having worked with Posiyani. He acknowledged that the two did work together but insists that the move was to help Posiyani rise to fame since he would sing alongside him. “I have learnt my lesson. I will never do any featuring song with just any artist simply because they want me to. I was trying to help this chap, but look at how he has gone around spreading rumors about me.”

Meanwhile the PGGSS nominee has revealed a conspiracy by some people who he says have gone to an extent of splashing out huge amounts of cash in order to have his name tainted in the media. He said he uncovered a malicious plan by an individual who paid an unnamed radio presenter a whooping 100,000Rwf but the radio presenter declined the offer and instead opted to reveal the information to Senderi.







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