Senderi’s genocide commemoration video out

Afro Beat singer Senderi aka International Hit released a new video dubbed Kimihurura dedicated for genocide survivors of Kimihurura sector.

The song which was produced by Junior Multi-system is made of different messages aimed at consoling Kimihurura residents especially those who were left disabled by 1994 genocide against Tutsi.

While speaking to, Kaachi Kaachi star explained more about the video and the message behind the song.

“We are in a mourning period and genocide survivors especially those who were left helpless need strong moral support to strengthen them in this mourning period” says Senderi.

Senderi added that it’s a special truck dedicated to genocide survivors of Kimihurura sector that lost their body parts and the lyrics tells them how special they are to their loved ones.

The RDF soldier and Afro Beat star is famous for making music that supports government programs.

Rwanda is currently commemorating genocide against Tutsi that took more than one million Tutsi lives.


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