Uncle Austin: I don’t make music to win awards

Uncle Austin: I don’t make music to win awardsUncle Austin has hit out at his critics who have labeled as a failure for failing to win any major award in his music career that spans for over five years. The afro beat singer failed to make it into the top eleven of Primus Guma Guma Super Star and days later, and had withdrawn his candidature at the annual Salax Awards. But according to Austin, only glory hunters make music for the sole purpose of winning awards. The star believes only talent driven music is beneficial in that regard.

He said, “I have never in my life sought to make music with the aim of winning this or that award. Instead, I make my music because it’s a passion I have in me and I will never let it go. Those who are driven by winning awards are failures in the end and I know you (the media) know good examples of people who have won many of them but today you try to locate them and you find none.”

The Ndafuha cyane singer also expressed his lack of confidence in award winning competitions staged on Rwandan soil, saying that he has completely lost faith in them. According to Austin, the competitions are a mockery to Rwandan music and do not reflect the will of the people, a factor that made him withdraw his candidature in all future similar events.


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