Facebook party returns with a bang

Facebook party returns with a bang

For the fourth time, Facebook party is here. Set to take place on 1st June 2013 at Relax With Us in Kigali city, organizers of the event have stepped in to make it the best ever. This time around more musicians and performers have been invited to add some zeal into it. Usually Social Media Promoters, the main organizers, invite all the users of the social network site at this event to mingle and interact freely.


Speaking to rwandashow.com, Kalisa John, one of the organizers expressed enthusiasm ahead of the D-day, saying that all the necessary arrangements had been made to make it a success. He said, “Right now we are through with all the preparations and all we are waiting is for the people to come and enjoy themselves.”


Asked why they had chosen to pick a venue that would accommodate only a few people, the renowned music promoter said that it was because of the limited resources they had and that in future they would ponder taking the night event at a more spacious venue like Petit Stade. He added, “We are looking into that so that our next events will be organized in large venues like in Remera. But you know it all depends on our resources. We would like to have as many people as possible but that also requires an extra input.”


Entrance fee will be 1,000 Rwf for all, while the party will start at 9pm till late.

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