Get the PAC out of here! Rapper Pacson given marching orders at UTC


Pacson. Photo/Internet

Hip hop star Pacson became the first Rwandan musician to be given restriction orders at one of Kigali’s complexes, the Union Trade Centre. Though true to the word that the rapper is no longer wanted near the vicinity of the building that hosts the country’s largest chain of Supermarkets, Nakumatt, it’s not clear as to why such an “embargo” has been imposed on him although unconfirmed reports continue to suggest Pacson was found in possession of marijuana.


The source continues to indicate that it was not the first time the rapper – radio presenter was found with his pants down, adding that security guards at the complex had warned him before, but he refused to heed to their advice. The source was quoted as saying, “It was not the first time. Several times he has been caught smoking bhang in toilets of the building and several times he has been warned. I think this time round they had had enough of him.”

Outside of UTC, the building that Pacson is not allowed to draw any near

Outside of UTC, the building that Pacson is not allowed to draw any near

Cases of local musicians involved in substance abuse have sharply risen in the past, and a few cases have had the intervention of Rwanda police. Late last year P-Fla, another hip hop musician was arrested on suspicion of possession of marijuana. He spent over three weeks in police custody but was later released. Marijuana is a banned substance that is categorized as an illicit drug according to the penal code of the Republic of Rwanda.


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