Iseta: Behind the Roadblock returns to big screen

Behind the Roadblock returns to big screen

In April 1994, on a quiet road in Kigali a group of neighbors was filmed. This was the opening days of the Rwandan Genocide. This movie is about the extraordinary journey of that evidence as the original photographer returns to Rwanda, revisiting the people and events that he, by chance, caught on film. As the footage returns to the community, friends and family relive the tragic events as they work with the photographer to identify the victims, and then eventually the killers. The film discovers a witness, a school master who survived because his ethnicity was written wrongly on his ID card. As he stood with the killers at the roadblock, helplessly, the mother of a victim hiding in the house, just feet away, waiting endless minutes to be told her daughter is finally dead, the brother is beaten senseless and lying in the ditch he’s told kindly by his friend, “Let me beat you but I will not kill you.”


While his sister dies beside him, the looter who removed the doors from the victims’ houses as they were left to die-and most remarkably, the wife of the killer who secretly carried two babies through the front line to save them before returning to her murderous husband. Finally the search for the killers leads to the local court where on the last day a new arrest brings in the laughing militia leader and killer, caught on camera beating his neighbors to death.


Iseta: Behind the Roadblock is a documentary film by Juena Reina and Eric Kabera that puts a human face to the incomprehensible tragedy of 1994. It will be screened at Goethe Institute on Tuesday, 21st May 2013 at 6.30pm. Entrance will be free for all.


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