Ishyo Arts Centre, new documentary film

Ishyo Arts Centre, new documentary film

A landmark documentary following the residents of the historic city of Fengjie as they clash with the officials forcing them to evacuate their homes to make way for the world’s largest dam.

The British-French coproduction Before the Flood (Tuvalu) tells about the Pacific island of Tuvalu that will sink below the sea in a few decades, due to climate change. Once the third poorest country on earth in the 1990’s Tuvalu sold its internet domain “tv” thus earning its approx 10,000 inhabitants an enormous improvement in their standard of living. With the money, the American way of life and its accompanying resource wastage is now making inroads. In an ironic and yet melancholy tone, the film describes the efficacy of the modern western lifestyle, and shows at the same time how difficult it is to refrain from short-term consumption for the sake of long-term quality of life. Even the negative effects are literally right in front of one’s doorstep.

Before the Flood will screen at Ishyo Arts Centre on Tuesday 7th May 2013 at 6.30pm. As usual, entrance will be free.


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