Kamichi’s biggest blunder on stage!

Kamichi’s biggest blunder on stage!

Primus Guma Guma Super Star always brings its shares of joy, happiness and inevitably, the bad and the ugly. Whereas all the weekend talk focused on its third edition’s first road show in Rusizi Western Province, it was Kamichi who caught the attention of those present in the most of bizarre ways. The afro beat singer left it late to present his flash drive – which contained his song Aho niho Ruzingiye – and when he was called on stage, he handed out the wrong drive which only contained a recorded talk show!

Bissoso, who was the deejay at the time, couldn’t help but laugh uncontrollably, while the song could not be found. It was decided at the eleventh hour that the song be changed and the star opted to perform another one altogether.

After the show, Bissoso was contacted to comment on the developments, and the famous deejay picked where he left by chuckling out hard while joking, “If I meet him (Kamichi) we are going to settle this issue at the police station!”

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