Knowles applauds Rwanda day

Knowles applauds Rwanda dayKnowles performs in the UK

Rwanda’s song bird Knowles Butera rocked Rwandans and friends of Rwanda in Diaspora community at Rwanda Day, held in London.

The Byarakomeye star left for UK with other local musicians including King James and Intore Masamba.

While speaking to through face book chat, Knowles explained her feelings about the UK-Rwanda Day.

“Rwanda is the best country , it’s great that the president and high political figures  connect with Rwandans, in the country and  abroad, to implement development,” said Knowles.

She confessed, it’s a good feeling performing for Diaspora community, especially for the contacts bit of it.

Its Knowless’ and King James’ first time to perform at Rwandan day.

Knowless boasts of songs like Amapingu, Nzabampari, Ninkureka among others.

Over 3,000 Rwandans and well wishers converged for the Rwanda day event.

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