Mama Bebe remix premiered

Mama Bebe remix  premiered

Upcoming Afro beat singer Kid Gaju released his video of Mama Bebe remix featuring Urban Boyz, Riderman and Amagi the Black.

Mama Bebe is Kid Gaju’s original composition though he invited in the rest to pimp up the remix.

“I decided to collaborate with various local artists to boost my music in Rwanda and the message behind the video of Mama Bebe educates the public especially married couples to sort out differences without harming the innocent children,” says Kid Gaju.

Gaju says working with established artists in the remix has earned him popularity.

Mama Bebe showcases a mother who abandons her baby following a minor misunderstanding with husband.

Kid Gaju boasts of songs like Mama Bebe and Ikiyobya bwege.




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