Mani Martin: Looks don’t count in showbiz


Afro beat singer Mani Martin has angrily reacted to news that some musicians fail to make it to the big scene because of their physical looks. In an article published on a local showbiz website, the author had alleged that Mani Martin was one the many artistes that were slowly fading because of their natural looks, something that Mani Martin didn’t take lightly.

 In an interview on a local FM station Martin was heard speaking in an unusual tone full of controlled anger saying, “How can someone dare write something like that? We all know what contributed to the 1994 Genocide in our country. Such comments about the height, looks and other physical factors are the ones which lead to segregation, something that played a key role in the mass killings.

 Also among the list mentioned by the author of the story, is upcoming musician Elion Victory, who also reacted in surprise when he heard of the story. He said, “I have been producing music for a long time now, so I don’t know why such a subject could prop up now. If the author of that article thinks it’s what is right then he is entitled to his views, but I think that is highly inappropriate and untimely as well.”

 It has been claimed by observants that the author went overboard with his assertions, while some have demanded that the article be withdrawn from the website.

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