Muyoboke backtracks on Producer Junior

Muyoboke backtracks on Producer JuniorFormer Super Level manager Alex Muyoboke has suddenly changed his mind over a promise he made to then producer Junior, a promise that he would help him settle a three hundred thousand Rwandan francs debt that the latter owed to Bridge records. Junior, who left The Super Level amid much controversy and acrimony, had been arrested by the police but Muyoboke decided to act as his guarantee, on conditions that the debt would be settled “as soon as possible.”

However, in a dramatic turn of events, Muyoboke has inexplicably changed his mind and it now rests squarely on Junior’s shoulders to settle the debt. Speaking to, Muyoboke explained the developments saying he was no longer part of The Super Level studio, and as such the agreement he had struck with Junior was no more.

He said, “Right now I am not contract-bound to The Super Level, so why would I continue to stick to the agreements we made while I was still there? It wouldn’t make any sense at all. Right now I want to concentrate on my next move because I have many musicians who are calling me to manage them, but I have to be extra careful.”

Meanwhile unconfirmed reports indicate that talks have reached at an advanced stage between Muyoboke and TBB crew for the former to manage them.

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