Neg G’s new song heavily criticized

Neg G

Neg G The General’s new song entitled Icyayi Gishyushye has started receiving heavy criticism from a large section of the fans, who have described it as extremely obscene and lewd. The denigration comes just days after the song started playing on FM stations. While in literally, it would translate to hot tea, the lyrics of the song would suggest otherwise.


Throughout the song, the rapper talks about the dire need to “have it” and critics have argued that he’s rhetorically talking about sex. A keen follower and armchair pundit of Rwandan music who spoke on condition of anonymity said, “This is becoming increasingly unbelievable! Our music industry has now changed into an arena where all explicit words can be easily uttered. We need to have a censorship board to curb this habit.”


Recently Neg G signed a new contract with Ibisumizi label, the same studio where he recorded the song Icyayi Gishyushye. Though in vernacular, the song has an Indian beat and its introduction part would deceptively point towards a foreign song.



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