Pacson withdraws suit against local website


Unconfirmed reports indicate that rapper Pacson has finally rescinded his decision to sue a local celebrity website that ran a story that he had been barred from ever stepping near the vicinity of Union Trade Centre, a building complex situated in Kigali city. Rumalex. net had asserted that the star was caught in possession of marijuana, a banned substance according to the penal code of the Republic of Rwanda. The story prompted Pacson to threaten to sue the website alongside its Chief Executive Officer, Rugambage Zikkilla.

But things look to have taken a different turn, with the rapper having changed his mind. A close source to Pacson, who spoke on condition of anonymity, indicated that the star has decided to let the fire burn down and leave it out of courts. The source said, “He (Pacson) has decided not to sue the website and instead he will try to settle it out amicably with Zikkilla. He thinks it would be more appropriate if the case did not drag to courts.”


Rugambage Zikkilla, CEO of rumalex. net

Meanwhile it is believed Pacson may have taken the decision not to sue rumalex. net because of the financial burdens that come along with court procedures, but the source was quick to deny it as the main reason why Pacson is seeking an out-of-court settlement of the dispute, adding, “No that is not true at all; he is a person who can handle financial obligations of the courts, but for me I think he wants to settle this issue amicably, which is more reasonable if you ask me.”

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