Report: Muyoboke parts company with Urban Boyz

Report: Muyoboke parts company with Urban Boyz

Goodbye is the saddest word: Urban Boyz pose for a photo at this year’s Salax Awards. Photo/Archive

Alex Muyoboke has reportedly parted company with singing crew the Urban Boyz, after his contract as their manager expired. Unconfirmed reports continue to indicate that the two parties failed to come to a conclusive agreement on how to extend the current contract which expired on 6th January 2013. Though Muyoboke continues to insist that he is still in charge of the crew, Urban Boyz have taken to the media and affirmed the news that they are no more under the management of Muyoboke.

 Muyoboke has led Urban Boyz to unbelievable success during his one-year tenure. He has undoubtedly propelled them to greater heights than before, and rumors had done their rounds early this year that negotiations were in the final stages for the crew to record a song with Nigerian duo, P-Square.

Report: Muyoboke parts company with Urban Boyz

Tight-lipped: Muyobke Alex (left)

Urban Boyz have also constantly been nominated in the reality TV show, Primus Guma Guma Super Star three consecutive times, although they have not made it far. News of Muyoboke and Urban Boyz parting company will be received with mixed reactions in the music industry. The family man has, in the past, worked with the likes of Tom Close and Dream Boyz, all of whom have dismissed him unceremoniously. Efforts to contact Muyoboke were rendered futile when our calls went unanswered several times.

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